Waterloo responds to appeal for help

A housing association says it has responded to appeals to help an elderly Tattershall man who neighbours claim was living in nightmare conditions.

Marc Keeling, a volunteer residents’ representative, had raised concerns about the conditions of a property in Cromwell Place which is owned by the Waterloo Housing Group.

Mr Keeling says the man - who did not want to be named - has suffered from a faulty central heating system, damp and a leaking roof.

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He revealed that after visiting the property himself, he had offered the man temporary accommodation in his own home.

Mr Keeling explained: “He was quite upset that mould and damp had started to appear in his bedroom and living room.

“There was water dripping through his ceiling.

“He also had an issue for most of December where he was left with no heating or hot water.”

Mr Kelling went on to reveal he was particularly concerned because the man suffers from bronchitis.

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He also claimed the man had been running a dehumidifier to help solve the issue of damp but could not afford the cost of the extra electricity.

Having raised the issues in an email to the Horncastle News, Mr Keeling also contacted Waterloo Housing.

Malkit Sagoo, director of asset management at Waterloo Housing Group, said: “A resident unfortunately suffered from some water damage in his property due to a faulty radiator valve. We have met with him and resolved the issue to his satisfaction. He has informed us that he is happy with how the problem has been dealt with and he is not looking to be re-housed.”

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