'˜We need to speak out to stop bus cuts!'

A leading campaigner says he fears Lincolnshire County Council is planning more cuts to bus services.

Dick Fowler, who lives in Tetford, has previously opposed cuts to public transport, particularly in rural areas. He is calling on residents and councillors to start lobbying now against potential cuts.

Town councillors in Horncastle have voiced concerns about a reduction in services - particularly the ‘6C route’ that links Horncastle and Louth, described as a ‘lifeline’ for those travelling to Louth County Hospital.

The route is subsidised by the county council at a cost of £57,000-a-year, leading to fears that it may be vulnerable with the county council facing ongoing funding problems.

Mr Fowler said that residents need to speak out before the county council sets its budget in February.

He said: “It is most important bus users demand meaningful answers now, in time for residents to lobby our MPs for fairer funding.”