Evening temperature soars by 10oC to 32oC in less than an hour in parts of Lincolnshire

Did you notice a sudden dramatic rise in the temperature yesterday evening (Thursday, July 25)?

The graphic shared by the Met Office.

If you did, the Met Office has an explanation for you.

Speaking to the Standard today, Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge explained that a collapsing thunderstorm led to air which had been on high to rapidly descend towards the surface.

As it did so, it became hot and led to a spike in temperatures in the area – with a rise of 22oC to 32oC being recorded at Donna Nook.

“It’s quite a rare event, rare for the UK, and in fact quite rare globally,” Mr Madge said. “It’s the sort of thing you might get in places like Pakistan and the Mid-West of America.”