VIDEO: ‘Menacing, but amazing’ – funnel cloud caught on camera near Boston

A funnel cloud has been caught on camera menacing the skies near Boston.

The footage was shot yesterday (Monday, August 17) by 15-year-old Georgia Newton at Brothertoft, close to where she lives.

Georgia, who attends Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, in Horncastle, said: “I saw it in the sky at 6.45pm on the way back from Boston, just over our house. It was in the sky for about 10-15 minutes. It looked really menacing, but amazing.”

The Standard shared the footage with the Met Office.

Not your average cloud formation ...

Senior press officer Grahame Madge said: “The footage appears to show a funnel cloud, which can appear at the base of cumulonimbus (thunder) clouds during the most intense thunderstorm activity.

“If the rotation and the tip of the funnel reach the ground then it becomes a tornado. The UK records about 30 tornadoes each year, but most aren’t associated with destructive impacts.

“The atmosphere has been particularly dynamic over the last few days, spawning many thunderstorms and a few funnel cloud sightings.”