West Lindsey: Super-fast internet for the district

West Lindsey District Council has teamed up with Quickline Communications to provide 100 per cent coverage of super-fast internet access across the entire district.

Rural broadband campaign photos, some with Nick Duquemin.
Rural broadband campaign photos, some with Nick Duquemin.

With the district’s communities and businesses relying more than ever on super fast broadband for everyday life, improving access to the internet is vital. But the rural nature of the district means internet provision is patchy and limits resident’s access.

Council Leader Jeff Summers said: “Our communities, residents and diverse businesses including agricultural, engineering and leisure will now have access to hi-speed broadband that will assist their further growth in West Lindsey.”

“We also recognise the importance of information flow within the education process thus enabling pupils and students to fully exploit their own potential.”

“West Lindsey District Council’s commercial initiative will result in the creation of jobs.”

“But more significantly, the council’s investment will make the creation of virtual businesses and digital villages in the beautiful Lincolnshire wolds even more attractive.”

The Government recognised rural areas needed extra help and created the Broadband UK (BDUK) initiative which is rolling out traditional technologies into rural areas.  

The project will be delivered in three phases. The first will be to install the technology required to deliver super-fast broadband across the district. Phase two includes a business communication and marketing programme to engage residents and businesses and develop the customer base. Phase three will deliver further market penetration and expanded customer base. 

For further information on Quickline call 01482 247365 or visit www.quickline.co.uk.