What happened this day in history

44BC - Roman emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated by senators who conspired against him.

On this day March 15 EMN-170314-165014001
On this day March 15 EMN-170314-165014001

459 - Atilla the Hun died from a nosebleed.

1877 - Charles Bannerman scored England’s first ever Test century, against Australia.

1892 - American inventor Jesse Reno patented the first escalator.

1907 - Finland became the first nation to elect a woman MP.

1909 - American entrepreneur Mr Selfridge opened Britain’s first department store, in London’s Oxford Street.

1927 – The first Women’s Boat Race between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge took place on The Isis in Oxford.

1933 - Nazi leader Adolf Hitler proclaimed The Third Reich in Germany. He also banned left-wing newspapers and kosher food.

1949 - Clothes rationing ended in Britain.

1998 - Gateshead’s Angel of the North was erected.

2002 - The Xbox games consul was launched.

2004 - NASA announced the existence of ‘Sedna’, thought to be the 10th planet in our solar system.