Why David says you can bank on your Post Office

Residents affected by the closure of banks on the High Street should consider using the services offered by the Post Office.
East Barkwith Post Office.East Barkwith Post Office.
East Barkwith Post Office.

That is the message from David Ward who runs the village Post Office in East Barkwith.

HSBC has announced it is to close its branch in Horncastle - while Woodhall Spa no longer has a ‘mainline’ bank.

Other towns in Lincolnshire have also lost big-name companies from their main streets.

The banking giants claim the closures are because more people are using internet banking.

However, many critics point out not everyone has access to a computer, especially in rural areas.

Now, David Ward, Sub Post Master at East Barkwith, says the Post Office offers a viable alternative.

Mr Ward is also calling for increased public awareness in the range of services offered by village post offices.

He says many customers are not aware that they can carry out a number of transactions including withdrawals, balance enquiries and cash and cheque deposits.

Mr Ward, who is President of the Lincoln and Grimsby branch of the National Federation of Sub Post Masters, explained post offices can perform banking transactions for ‘99 per cent of personal customers.’

He said: “As the banks are leaving the High Street and closing village branches, the Post Office can perform banking transactions for 99 per cent of personal customers and over 75 per cent of business customers.

“According to a public survey, only 40 per cent of people are aware that you can withdraw cash, deposit cheques and check your bank balance at the Post Office.

“People should know that they don’t have to get in the car and drive into a town and pay for a parking space in order to go and get cash out.”

Mr Ward admits his message is part of a rallying cry to protect the future of the country’s post offices which, he claims, are being forced to close because they are being ‘starved of business.’

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