Will you be following tradition on your wedding day?

British couples are shaking off age-old wedding traditions in favour of more modern and personal practices, according to new research.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults carried out by One4all, the Post Office gift card, found 88% of Brits would not stick to wedding traditions if they were to get married or get married again.

More than a third (36%) believe couples should create their own traditions according to their personal tastes.

While almost one in four think traditions are part of the fun of getting married, a higher amount (27%) say they are old hat and they don’t think couples should have to stick to them.

British weddings could soon see the back of the traditional aisle march, as just 17% of respondents have attended a wedding where the bride walked down the aisle to the traditional wedding march.

The ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ tradition could also be a thing of the past - just 18% said the bride has taken on board this convention.

Aoife Davey, group marketing manager at One4all Gift Cards commented: “What’s really interesting from the data is how many people believe wedding traditions are a thing of the past, and in fact it is now the personal tastes of the bride and groom that make the day special.

“For many years, weddings have followed a formula that couples have stuck to – from the bride and groom spending the night before the wedding apart, to the bride’s father giving her away at the altar - but modern weddings just don’t seem to following predictable patterns anymore.

“Twenty-first century couples are more concerned about ensuring finer details of their nuptials reflect themselves and their tastes and interests as oppose to following archaic traditions that don’t necessarily mean anything to them.”

In the survey, 90 percent of locals in Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow said they wouldn’t follow wedding traditions if they were to get married or get married again.

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