Wille and The Bandits rock the British Legion hall in Louth

The British Legion Hall in Louth played host to Devon-based band Wille and The Bandits on Friday evening and they certainly didn't disappoint with their performance.

Wille and The Bandits came to play in Louth on Friday evening.

Around 130 people flocked through the doors to listen to the blues rock band as Wille Edwards,32, on vocals and guitar, Matt Brooks,33, on bass and drummer Andrew Naumann,36 took to the stage.

Bournemouth band, Willowen was the support act and the Indie, Folk band got the crowd warmed up with their original material.

Wille and the Bandits met in a pub and were determined to pursue their passion of music and really enjoyed playing to the crowd in Louth.

Wille said: “We loved playing in Louth and the crowd were brilliant. It was really nice to play in Louth, as it is the first time that we have really been up in this area before.

“Plus, we thought it was great that the British Legion put out a number of Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s for the guests. Maybe it’s a new trend that can be started.”

They are currently out promoting their fourth album ‘Steal’ which is out on general release in January.

If you would like to find out more about Wille and The Bandits, they can be found on Facebook.

The gig was organised by Off The Beaten Tracks, based in Aswell Street, Louth.

The next gig that they are organising at the British Legion is Dave Formula and The Finks who are playing on Saturday, December 10.

Tickets are available from the record store.