Woman admits starving dog

A DOG-OWNER has pleaded guilty to starving her Jack Russell to death.

Chaneen Insley, 24, admitted causing prolonged suffering to her dog Oscar, who was found dead at her former home in Loundsley Green.

The four-year-old pet’s body was badly decomposed when discovered by housing officers who were clearing the property in Quantock Way.

Brian Orsborn, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said Oscar’s body was discovered in the pantry on top of a tumble dryer, covered with a sheet.

“Only the skin and carcass were left and there were flies swarming round,” he said

The offence took place between 1st September and 12th December. Insley now lives in St Pancras Close, Dinnington.

She moved out of the property last November.

Mr Orsborn said: “She accepts she was living at the property when she found him dead.”

He added: “She said he was not eating much. She had run out of food and didn’t have any money to buy more.”

“One day when she woke up he was dead on the floor. She didn’t know what to do.”

The dog’s carcass was analysed by a vet who confirmed he had starved to death.

During the hearing at Chesterfield Magistrates Court on Thursday 23rd August, Mike Willis, defending, said Insley had suffered several personal traumas.

In 2009 her baby died of cot death and her two other children were taken in to care.

He added: “Everything was too much for her.”

“She was unable to cope with the situation she was in.”

Insley will be sentenced by Chesterfield magistrates on Wednesday 29th August.