Work starts at two long-term vacant retail units on edge of Boston

Work is taking place at two long-standing vacant units at a retail park on the outskirts of Boston.
The work at Alban Retail Park.The work at Alban Retail Park.
The work at Alban Retail Park.

The shop fronts of what used to be Dreams and Currys at the Alban Retail Park, in Grantham Road, have been removed and part of the car park cordoned off.

In February 2016, Boston Borough Council awarded permission for the units to be amalgamated into one following an application from Kensington UK Retail (BCG).

One of the images submitted with the planning documents.One of the images submitted with the planning documents.
One of the images submitted with the planning documents.

There would also be a front extension and erection of an internal mezzanine floor.

As part of the planning permission, development would have to begin within three years (or by next month).

The applicant’s Retail Statement at the time reads: “The proposal is seeking the re-occupation of long-standing vacant warehouse units back into retail use. Unit 1A and 1B have been vacant since March 2013 and January 2014 respectively. Both units have been extensively marketed over period of 24 and 18 months respectively with no interest from bulky goods retailers in the units’ current form. The proposed development is seeking to better meet warehouse retailer requirements to ensure the floorspace is reoccupied.”

It adds: “The application proposals also propose to marginally extend the range of goods currently permitted to be sold from the units to include china, glass and hardware and arts and crafts products. China, glass and hardware and arts and crafts products are commonly sold by bulky goods retailers as part of their overall retail offer. It is still intended for the retail unit to be occupied by a bulky goods retail occupier with requirements for adjacent service level parking and servicing.”

It notes a retailer at the site would create 50 new fill time equivalent jobs.

The most recent applicant in relation to the site has been XLB Property.

A spokesman for the business said today (Thursday, January 10): “We are completing a comprehensive refurbishment of the units as part of our active asset management strategy.”