Worksop: 80s synth band reform in the hope of restoring town’s music scene to its former glory

A Worksop synth band have reformed in the hope of resurrecting the town’s once thriving music scene.

Pete Hunt and John Hancock of Project R
Pete Hunt and John Hancock of Project R

‘Project R’, which consists of residents Pete Hunt and John Hancock, formed in the 1980s and are encouraging local musicians to join them in ‘bringing the music back to Worksop.’

Pete said: “Believe it or not, Worksop had a fantastic music scene in the 1980s and that’s exactly what we’re trying to rekindle.”

“The nightclubs we played in have since closed and local bands have faded away. People are having to travel as far as Nottingham and Sheffield to watch local bands do their stuff.”

“There must be dozens of talented bands and musicians hiding away in the town and they deserve a stage, an audience.”

Pete said his band were keen to collaborate with any singers or musicians looking to work on new material.

He said: “We’re always interested in working with others no matter what their ability.”

“We are in talks to organise a show at North Notts arena featuring any bands in the area who want to get on back on stage, so we are encouraging anyone who is interested to get in touch.”

“We are also hoping that businesses and charities in the area will come forward and offer their support in putting Worksop back on the musical map.”

Project R will play a gig along with Worksop rock band Shotgun Angels at the Carlton Civic Theatre on 19th July.

To book tickets, email [email protected]

For more information on how you can get involved and collaborate with Project R, call Pete on 07929389822.