Worksop: Chicken lovers back the idea for a Nando’s in the town

Chicken lovers in Worksop have taken to social media to back the idea for a Nando’s in the town.

The restaurant has recently announced it will be opening chains in Chesterfield and now Mansfield.

Nando’s is a popular South African restaurant group, which specialises in the Mozambican–Portuguese chicken dishes and has over 280 restaurants in Britain and over 1,000 outlets in 24 different countries.

And it appears a popular location in Worksop would be near the Savoy cinema, although at this stage there are no plans.

Danielle Cezanne Leigh Booth wrote: “Old ship would be spot on! Perfect across from cinema.”

Stacey Crouch posted: “Oh my god there’s gotta be a nandos in Worksop!!!!!”

James Stitches Quartermaine wrote: “Near the cinema would be good, as the top end of town is pretty much dead.”

And Jayne Bullock added: “I’m not saying a Nandos but agree turn pub at top of town into something.”

However there was some objection to the idea for a Nando’s on the Guardian’s Facebook page.

Matt Cooper wrote: “Nandos is way overrated. Handmade Burger Co however...”

Whilst Tony Stamp posted: “More chance of me winning the lottery.”