Worksop: Company plays pivotal role in mult-million pound project in Sri Lanka

A Worksop company has played a pivotal role in a multi-million pound development of hundreds of new bridges in Sri Lanka.

Worksop Galvanizing, based on Claylands Avenue, and part of Wedge Group Galvanizing, joined forces with Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd, a well-renowned bridge building and structural engineering firm, to galvanize over 2,750 tonnes of steelwork for the construction of 210 permanent road bridges in rural areas.

The project saw the plant provide its hot-dip galvanizing treatment to the steelwork used to create the concrete and steel bridges, which will replace previous unreliable rope, timber and old structures.

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Paul Robinson, commercial manager of Worksop Galvanizing, said: “We were delighted to be appointed by Cleveland Bridge to support this project, and it’s a privilege to say we have been involved in such an important infrastructural initiative for the rural communities in Sri Lanka.”

“The previous bridges were often made from rope and timber, and were not only flimsy and potentially dangerous for the public to use, but regularly washed away by debris carried in monsoon swollen rivers.”

“The new concrete and steel bridges are significantly safer, and galvanizing the steel will protect against rust and corrosion ensuring they’ll be in place for years to come,” he added.

The work, which is due for completion in March 2015, was commissioned to improve mobility for those in isolated communities in the country, and will play a major role in the social and economic development within Sri Lanka.

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Rob Mcbride, project manager at Cleveland Bridge UK, said: “Overseeing the project has been a pleasure and we were very happy to provide our expertise to the Sri Lankan Ministry to provide permanent long lasting structures.”

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