Worksop: Council remain tight lipped on town centre ‘hotel’ build

Bassetlaw Council’s lips are still sealed over the sale of a Worksop car park, despite speculation that a hotel is to be built in the same location.
Newgate Street car park, Worksop.Newgate Street car park, Worksop.
Newgate Street car park, Worksop.

It was confirmed that the car park, which is located on Newgate Street East, was sold to a property developer at the beginning of August.

The car park has space for 89 vehicles and is popular with town centre shoppers and workers.

The sale has sparked claims among residents that a hotel was planned for the spot, but the council refused to reveal the identity of the property developer which they said would be ‘inappropriate’ before plans were finalised.

A spokesperson for the council said: “The council can confirm that we have accepted an offer from a property developer for Newgate Street East car park and terms are now being agreed.”

“Whilst the sale is being finalised it would be inappropriate for the council to comment further, other than to say the developer’s proposals could create new construction jobs, employment opportunities and further support the night time economy in this part of the town centre.”

Managers of businesses situated around the site reacted positively to the news, saying that a new, thriving business would be nothing but beneficial for the town.

These include Wayne Gregory, manager of the Savoy Cinema, which is situated in the town centre next to the Newgate Street East site.

He told the Guardian: “If the claims are true, it can only mean good news for Worksop- and it is something our business would definitely benefit from as well as the others that surround the square.”

“A hotel would bring more customers and jobs to the town and anything that increases business is surely a positive thing,” he added.

Coun John Shephard, of Bassetlaw District Council, whose ward includes the town centre area, said: “I am not yet aware who the car park has been sold to, but if a hotel is to be built in the town centre it can only be good news.”

“People say that Worksop is not a tourist destination, but a property developer intending to build a hotel wouldn’t purchase the land if they didn’t think there was demand for one.”