Worksop: Drunk teen spat blood in face of police officers as she was arrested for assaulting innocent young woman in street

A drunken teen who cornered a young woman in the street and assaulted her before spitting blood in the face of police officers as she was arrested has been given a community order.

Worksop Magistrates court
Worksop Magistrates court

Abbie-Leigh Dixon, 19, of Bridge Street, Worksop, pleaded guilty to assault by beating and two counts of assaulting a constable in the execution of their duty at Worksop Magistrates Court on Thursday 31st July.

Ruth Snodin, prosecuting, told the court that Dixon had been walking through Worksop town centre while drunk on Tuesday 1st July.

It was there that the teen immediately ‘took a dislike’ to a young couple walking at the opposite side of the road as the male ‘had long hair.’

Dixon began shouting insults at the couple and, when the female retorted, ran over to her and began punching her to the side of the head, drawing blood.

When the male attempted to pull Dixon off his girlfriend she fell onto the pavement and broke her nose.

She got up and followed the couple home, shouting “I’m going to kill her.”

Police later found Dixon sitting on a wall near the couple’s home.

They said she was bleeding heavily from the nose, stank of alcohol and was immediately abusive towards them.

When one officer tried to arrest her the defendant shook her off before spitting blood into her face.

She also spit blood in the face of another officer while being searched at the police station, which he said made him feel ‘disgusted and shocked’.

Defence solicitor David Verity said: “This is a young lady who needs support.”

“She was in a violent relationship at the time of the incident and had drank a lot of alcohol in an attempt to find some escape.”

“This is out of character for her- she is deeply ashamed of what she has done and shows genuine remorse.

Imposing a community order of 12 months, magistrates said: “These type of assaults cannot be tolerated. We came close to sending you to custody.”

Dixon was also ordered to wear an electronic tag for three months and must pay £100 compensation to each of the three victims.