Worksop: Families with spare rooms should step up to help Syrian refugees, says John Mann MP

Worksop families who have a spare room in their homes should step up to house refugees fleeing war-torn Syria, John Mann MP has said this week.

The Bassetlaw MP also stated that he would be willing to house a refugee family and called on Bassetlaw Council to launch an appeal encouraging residents to welcome struggling refugees into their homes.

Mr Mann said: “If there is a shortage of housing for refugees, it will be down to families with a spare room to help out.

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“Should that prove to be the case, the council should launch an appeal and I will be one of those who steps up to house a family.”

Blyth vicar Kate Bottley, who appears on Channel 4’s Gogglebox, also pledged to help a family in need.

She posted on Twitter: “Dear Mr Cameron, I’ve got room for four people for as long as they need it, and before you say it, yes it kind of is that simple.”

The county’s neighbouring regions of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire have already announced plans to ‘immediately’ open their doors to refugees seeking asylum.

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Derbyshire County Council leader Anne Western said the county would again be willing to act as a reception centre for refugees as it did during the Kosovan crisis in 1999.

Though it is currently unclear what part Bassetlaw will play in assisting with the refugee crisis, Bassetlaw Council leader Simon Greaves said the council was ‘willing to provide the assistance it could to help’.

Mr Greaves said: “The refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East is truly horrendous.

“The Home Office has written to a number of authorities in the area including Bassetlaw, as they look to determine locations that are suitable for new asylum dispersal areas.

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“This work is being assisted and co-ordinated by East Midlands councils in conjunction with the Home Office.

“Working with other Notts authorities and the Home Office, Bassetlaw is willing to provide what assistance it can to help tackle this humanitarian crisis.”

Notts County Council leader Alan Rhodes said he hoped the county would ‘play its part’ in welcoming displaced refugees .

Mr Rhodes said: “No-one can fail to have been touched by the plight of the people fleeing Syria and our hearts go out to all those people affected.

“We are awaiting full details from the Government about the role local councils can play in meeting the national commitment in the resettlement of those affected.”