Worksop: Farmers Branch ‘money-making scheme’ is exposed by MP

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has said a reduction in the speed limit at Farmers Branch is a ‘money-making scheme.’

The Labour MP submitted a Freedom of Information request to find out how many accidents had occurred on the road in the past three years.

It followed numerous complaints from motorists who had been caught out by the change of speed limit from 40mph to 30mph.

The Guardian can now reveal that there have been zero accidents at Farmers Branch.

“My Freedom of Information request exposes that there have been no accidents at Farmers Branch for three years and yet it has been targeted as a money-making scheme which has no justification whatsoever,” Mr Mann said.

“There are national guidelines in place for the deployment and use of speed safety cameras which specify that there should be at least three people killed or seriously injured per kilometre within a 36 month period before a camera can be used.”

“However, the guidance also states that they will not ‘restrict or fetter the police’s discretion to enforce covertly anywhere at any time.’

Just last month a local resident, who did not wish to be named, claimed that the speeding fine she received had ruined her Christmas.

The disabled lady told the Guardian: “That stretch of road has been 40mph since I took my driving test in 1983.”

“When a ticket for speeding came through my letter box I was very upset, I have never been speeding in my life.”

“I had three points on my licence and £100 fine. As I am disabled and on benefits it’s quite a large sum and it has taken my Christmas away.”

“You can’t comply with something you don’t know about.”

Notts County Council’s district highways manager for Bassetlaw, Ian Parker, said: “The speed limit along this stretch of road was changed some time ago.”

“Farmers Branch isn’t being treated any differently to any other road. It is now a 30mph limit within a 30mph area, as dictated by the terminal signs.”

Drivers should be aware that any lit road, without any signs to the contrary, should be regarded as a 30mph road.”

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