Worksop: Gang member jailed after £450,000 car crime spree

A 25-year-old man has been handed a prison sentence for his role in a burglary conspiracy which saw £450,000 worth of property stolen from 26 homes across the region.

Nottingham Crown COurt.
Nottingham Crown COurt.

Clint Brammer, of Suffolk Road, Worksop, admitted conspiracy to commit burglary along with three other Worksop men and was sentenced to seven years and four months at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday 28th November.

The court heard how Brammer joined Darren Green, 29, of Kedleston Road, Mason Holt, 23, of Dickens Road, and Joseph Foster, 26, of Manton Crescent, on a six month spree between October 2013 and March 2014, raiding 26 homes and garages across Notts, Derbyshire, Humberside, West Yorks and South Yorks.

The primary purpose of the burglaries was to steal keys to valuable cars and over £450,000 worth of vehicles were stolen- half of which have never been recovered.

Ian Way, prosecuting, told the court that the men ‘were all in it together’ and that 15 of the burglaries took place at night time when the occupants were sleeping.

He added: “There was one particularly disturbing incident where a single Mother was alone with her young children at her home in Retford when the property was burgled as part of this conspiracy.”

Defence barrister Errol Bannatyne told the court that Brammer had had a ‘troubled upbringing’ and had been ‘instructed to commit crimes’ by a family member from an early age.

He added: “Brammer has many previous convictions involving burglary, but shows a genuine to desire to alter his lifestyle.”

Jailing Brammer, Judge Michael Stokes QC said: “I’m sure you have sufficient imagination to understand the devastation you have caused to the occupants of these homes.”

“There were small children sleeping in at least one of the properties you broke into with three other men- which will obviously have caused tremendous trauma.”

“It is estimated that £450,000 worth of property was taken from these people, half of which was never recovered or sustained some form of damage.”

“Your position is only aggravated by your shocking record and I am sceptical about your apparent desire to better yourself. You played as great a part as the others in this serious and extensive conspiracy and it is the duty of the court to protect innocent householders from criminals like you.”

The co-accused were sentenced in October of this year, with Holt sentenced to eight years and four months, Foster jailed for six years and three months, and Green sent to prison for seven years and four months.