Worksop: Heartbroken pensioner’s quest to find precious pictures

A heartbroken pensioner has asked the Guardian for help after losing a camera he was using to take photogrpahs at his 80th birthday party.
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Walter Smith, of Worksop, took many precious pictures of the celebration at the Masonic Hall on 10th October, but upon returning home realised he had lost the camera.

Said Walter: “My wife was sure she had picked up the camera and thinks she may have left it in the taxi, but we have enquired everywhere and the camera is yet to show up.”

“I don’t really care about the camera itself, regardless of how expensive it was.”

“But those pictures are important to me and it would mean a lot if someone even returned the SIM card to us.”

The digital camera is silvery-black in colour and in a leather case.

If you find the camera, please contact Walter Smith on 01909 489569 .

Or call the Guardian 0n 01909 500500.