Worksop: How the police tracked down Jonjo Elswaino

Jonjo Elswaino carried out a serious sex attack on the evening of 1st April 2014.

After the offences, Elswaino boarded a bus from the area to Tickhill in Doncaster at around 9.30pm.

His strange behaviour and the fact that his hands were covered in blood and a scratch on his face did not go unnoticed by other passengers, who later called in the encounter to police.

He was subsequently identified from the bus’ CCTV footage and arrested.

In his version of events, Elswaino admitted that he boarded a bus to Worksop from Doncaster.

However, he said this was because he chanced upon a male by the name of ‘Tyler’ who he had been involved in a fight with in a nightclub.

He said that he decided to follow him and was going to get revenge.

Elswaino said that he was approached by a ‘smelly woman’ who he had seen with ‘Tyler’ and believed it to be his mother.

When she came near him he told her to go away. He said that he may have made contact with his knuckles as he shoved her away.

After tracking down his address, police spoke to a woman at the house where he had a bedroom.

She described him as a ‘sexual predator’ due to the way he spoke to girls on Skype.

The female also added that Elswaino told her that he been robbed by men wearing balaclavas, ‘banged’ his trainers against the wall and was ‘hyper.’

He also apparently kept changing his account.

Officers found the Adidas trainers and a jumper that he was wearing on the night in question at the address.

They also matched his DNA with swabs they took from the victim and he was arrested.