Worksop: Injunctions for persistent offenders of anti-social behaviour

Three nuisance residents who blighted the lives of Worksop people have been handed anti-social behaviour injunctions (ASBIs).

Shareen Thompson and Joanne Thompson
Shareen Thompson and Joanne Thompson

Shareen Thompson, Jason Hill and Joanne Thompson were hauled before the courts after causing a catalogue of anti-social behaviour incidents, including damage to A1 Housing properties and threats of violence to residents and A1 Housing staff.

The injunctions were secured by Bassetlaw Council and A1 Housing, who applied to a judge at Mansfield County Court.

Shareen Thompson, of no fixed abode, was evicted by A1 Housing from Morven House following a number of incidents.

The ASBI, which lasts until 3rd March 2105, forbids her from using or threatening to use violence, damaging property and she is barred from entering or remaining in the area around Morven House. It also bars her from entering or remaining upon Plantation Hill and an area around Goldsmith Road.

Jason Hill, of Kent Close, and Joanne Thompson, of no fixed abode, both have ASBIs which forbids them using or threatening to use violence and entering or remaining in Baker Close. The pair are also barred from an area between Crown Street, John Street, Dock Road, Gateford Road and Cresswell Road in Worksop.

Joanne Thompson’s order also bars her from an area bordered by Gloucester Road and Prospect School playing fields.

Both their ASBIs will remain in force until 12th November 2014.

If any of the three breach the conditions of their ASBI then the police have powers to arrest them.

Bernard Coleman, managing director at A1 Housing said: “On numerous occasions these individuals have blighted the lives of our tenants and residents and have set out to intimidate and bully. Our message is quite clear, we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and we will use all the powers available to protect our tenants and pursue individuals through the courts. I hope this reassures people that by working with our joint ASB team we will take action and we will get results.”

Simon Greaves, leader of Bassetlaw Council said: “I would like to commend the actions of the joint A1 Housing and Bassetlaw ASB team as we crack down on the selfish and irresponsible behaviour of those who blight the lives of others. Nobody should have to put up with anti-social behaviour and these individuals have shown a complete disregard for the wellbeing and welfare of others.”