Worksop: ‘Legal highs’ seized from shop will be tested again after being found to contain ‘unknown chemicals’

Worksop shop raidWorksop shop raid
Worksop shop raid
Notts County Council say tests of ‘legal highs’ seized from a Worksop shop are ongoing after they were found to contain ‘unknown chemicals’.

Police and Notts County Council’s Trading Standards team swooped on ‘legal high’ shop, Bing Bong, located on Carlton Road, back in April, removing packs of psychoactive powder labelled as ‘Charly Sheen’ and ‘Go Gaine’.

The council said it was carrying out tests to identify the chemicals that the packs contain, but have scheduled repeat tests after it was revealed that the drugs contained 30-60 per cent unknown substances.

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Coun Glynn Gilfoyle, chair of Notts County Council’s community safety committee, said: “People taking so called ‘legal highs’ are risking their life because they often contain a cocktail of chemicals that have never been tested or used for human consumption.”

“We have carried out an initial analysis of a small sample of untested drug packets seized from a Bassetlaw shop in April.”

“Whilst the tested packets contained all the chemicals outlined on their labels, around 30 to 60 percent of substances in each packet were unknown, which is a concern.”

“We have carried out another test of this sample and are awaiting the results.”

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The manager of Bing Bong, who does not wish to be identified, said his business was legitimate and he wished ‘only to comply with the law and the police’.

He added: “The products clearly state that they are not for human consumption, and we do not sell them for any other purposes than herbal incense and research chemicals. What any individual chooses to do with these are not within my control.”

“However, we continue to operate a strict under 18s policy.”

“The packs were seized by Trading Standards merely as part of a routine procedure.”

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