Worksop: Man breached ASBO days after release from prison

Notorious Worksop criminal Danny Wilson has been hauled before the courts again for twice breaching his Anti-Social Behaviour Order, days after he was released from prison.
Daniel WilsonDaniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson

Wilson was released from jail on 8th September and was back before Mansfield Magistrates by the 10th after the double breach.

For both offences he was fined £100 and ordered to pay an additional £20 victim surcharge and only avoided being back behind bars by virtue of time already spent in custody.

If he breaches the Order again, however, he is likely to be handed another custodial sentence, for up to five years.

A Bassetlaw Council spokesman said: “Breaches will be classed as a criminal offence and will be dealt with by the courts.”

“While the penalties of his actions will be decided on by a Judge, he could face a custodial sentence of up to five years.”

The Order, which was obtained by the council and A1 Housing lasts until 18th August, 2015 and bans Wilson from certain areas of Worksop town centre.

It was granted at the Mansfield court on 19th August by District Judge Baker, who, when explaining the Order, impressed upon Wilson that he should engage with support organisations that were prepared to help him.

But Wilson said he was not prepared to engage with any of those organisations and indicated at the time that he would breach the order, despite the judge warning him that doing it could lead to him being sent back to prison.