Worksop: Man pleads guilty to drunken assault

A man has admitted assaulting another man and threatening a police officer while in a drunken rage.

In Court
In Court

David Mullen, 42, of Sandhill Street, Worksop pleaded guilty to assaulting both David Cole and PC Watson on Queen Street in Worksop in December.

The court heard Mullen had been out drinking after receiving some bad news about his mother and was returning home late at night having drunk, in his words, 10 cans of super-strength lager which he likened to the equivalent of 20 cans of normal-strength lager.

He got into an arguement with Mr Cole and a friend of Mr Cole’s outside the Framework building and struck Mr Cole in the face when he tried to stick up for his friend.

Mr Cole called the police but when they arrived, Mullen resisted arrest and threatened to hit the police officer, who then sprayed Mullen in the face with CS gas.

Defending, Mr Andrew Osborne said: “He accepts he hit Mr Cole in the face and was abusive to the police officer and he is very sorry for that.”

“He was drunk and was showing off, When he was sprayed, he calmed down at once and became apologetic.”

Mullen was given a community order for 12 months of supervision with six months of alcohol treatment. He was also ordered to pay £200 compensation.