Worksop: Man retiring after 56 years receives surprise Rolls-Royce trip

Eddie Warsop hoped for a watch when he retired, but he got more than he bargained for when a 1970 silver shadow Rolls-Royce pulled up to take him home in style.
Mr Warsop with the 1970 silver storm Rolls RoyceMr Warsop with the 1970 silver storm Rolls Royce
Mr Warsop with the 1970 silver storm Rolls Royce

Mr Warsop, 71, was enjoying his last day at Robinson’s Caravans on Gateford Road on Wednesday 26th March, where he had worked for the past 15 years.

He had begun his career as a toolmaker in 1958 and previously worked at Cinch on Sandy Lane. After working for 56 years, he was ready for a break.

And his daughter, Rachel Aslet-Clark, wanted to make his last day extra special by hiring a locally owned vintage Rolls Royce to pick him up from work.

“It was a total surprise and the car was stunning inside- very luxurious,” said Mr Warsop.

“The driver told me that it was the same car that Mohammed Ali hired during a tour of England in 1982. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know- but it’s pretty amazing to think I could have been sat in the same seat as him.”

“We have a wonderful drive through the town and across Clumber Park.”

Mr Warsop said he was looking forward to his retirement and actually travelling in a caravan after working around them for so long.

“I have always enjoyed working, but I’m ready to call it a day- my wife Anne and I plan to take our caravan on a trip around the country,” he said.

“The Rolls Royce was a lovely surprise, and a great send off.”