Worksop: MP told to ‘ramp up’ wheelchair access after incident

A Worksop woman who went to see Bassetlaw MP John Mann about her problems with disability access ended up trapped on a ramp outside his office.

Sandy Millls pictured outside John Mann MP office on Carlton Road G130828-5a
Sandy Millls pictured outside John Mann MP office on Carlton Road G130828-5a

Sandy Mills, 48, of Larwood House, had made her way up to Mr Mann’s office to speak to him about the difficulty she has in accessing shops in Worksop town centre.

Discovering the office in Carlton Road was closed, Sandy started to make her way back down however her mobility scooter could not get over the ramps.

She said: “The ramp was too high for coming back down so I went back over to the offices.”

“I rang the number on the door and explained that I couldn’t get off the roof.”

“My scooter was bottoming out on the ramps.”

Sandy explained that a woman came out and tried to make an extra bit of ramp.

“She went and came back with a man with two sheets of metal,” she added.

“I later realised it was John Mann. He didn’t acknowledge me.”

“I jarred my leg and it was in agony.”

Eventually they were able to force Sandy’s scooter back down the ramp.

Mr Mann told the Guardian his offices have been tested out by local disability groups for access.

He said: “Every year I and my office see in excess of 1,000 people with disabilities from across Bassetlaw.”

“In a few cases people are seen at home or in care homes.”

“Everyone who makes an appointment has the opportunity of requesting a home visit.”

“All surgeries, where I see people individually, are advertised extensively across Bassetlaw and of course on the internet.”

“I run four surgeries at different locations each month.”

“The Worksop surgeries take place at Worksop library.”

“I also see people by appointment in my office in Worksop at other agreed locations.”

“My offices have been tested out by a local disability group for accessibility and my surgery venues are all disabilty proofed.”

“I have disabled volunteers and occasional disabled work experience students, including those using disability supports, including scooters.”

“As has been the case for the last 12 years, as covered extensively in local newspapers, anyone wishing to see me as their MP should ring, write or email to make an appointment.”

“My office is not an open access as a walk in, drive in or wheel in centre and for both practical and security reasons will not become so.”

“In August there is no public access at all, as clearly signposted outside.”

“Anyone with specific individual needs is requested to contact me in advance.”

“These needs could include hearing impairment, language impairment, sight impairment or other needs and my office will, as they always do on request, will make suitable arrangements.”