Worksop: Pub give husband and wife to be the table at which eyes first met

The day before closing for a two week refurbishment, the team at Romans Rest in Celtic Point, Worksop, gave one happy couple a memorable gift – the pub table at which they met.

Rachel Preece and Matthew Chapman
Rachel Preece and Matthew Chapman

After learning that the pub would be closing for a refurbishment and its tables would be sent to other pubs and community venues around the country, Rachel Preece and Matthew Chapman contacted pub manager, Paul Keegan, to ask if the couple could have “their” table – table 26.

Rachel explains the story behind the unusual request: “Matthew and I met at Romans Rest in July 2012, swapped numbers that night and had a few dates.”

“Things did not initially work out but we continued to be friends. One night we were visiting the pub with friends and our usual place, table 9, was occupied.”

“Matthew and I ended up at table 26 and, after an evening of laughs, our relationship just blossomed. We never looked back and now we are engaged.”

Matthew adds: “When we heard the pub was having a refurbishment and table 26 would be going, we knew we had to have it for the memories.”

Pub manager Paul gave the table to the delighted couple on Sunday 12th October, the day before the popular local closed its doors for a scheduled two week refurbishment.

Paul said: “We are all delighted to learn about the part played by our pub in Rachel and Matthew’s story, and it was a pleasure to give them a small piece of their history to take home.”

“It is a very positive start to our exciting refurbishment and we look forward to welcoming them, and all our customers, back to the pub when we reopen with a brand new look in just two short weeks.”

Romans Rest is currently closed for an extensive makeover, which will include full internal and external redecoration, new feature booths and extra seating inside the pub, furniture and planting outside, a new range of six cask ales, and a darts throw.

The pub will reopen on Saturday 25th October.