Worksop: Schools under fire defend their strict approach

Outwood Grange Academies Trust has defended the way its Worksop schools discipline pupils despite parents describing their rules and punishments as ‘Draconian’.
Outwood Academy ValleyOutwood Academy Valley
Outwood Academy Valley

In the past, parents have complained of their children being excluded from both Outwood Academy Valley and Outwood Academy Portland for being late from the toilet, wearing poppies in the run up to Remembrance Sunday and being rowdy on the school bus.

But both schools have defended their disciplinary procedures after coming under fire, stating that their ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted reports are a result of the way the schools tackle any disruptive behaviour.

A spokesperson for the Trust said: “When we started working with the schools in Worksop, Portland was in the ‘Special Measures’ category whereas Valley ‘Required Improvement’.

“These schools are now ‘Outstanding’, which has been achieved due to our strategic approach to the behaviour system.”

“We believe that the majority of parents expect us to maintain high standards of behaviour in both academies.”

“We take a consistent and clear approach to disruptive behhaviour to ensure that the learning of the majority of students is not damaged by the behaviour of a very small minority.”

Views on the issue have divided the community, with some parents in favour of strict rules and others concerned about the negative impact they could have.

Craig Rosser said: “Results in countries like Japan are even better, and that is because their kids are treated like robots throughout their school life.”

Jacquie Stoll said: “It never did me any harm and discipline was a lot tougher when I was at school. Too many parents pander to their children’s every little whim and they’re not doing them any favours.”

Kyle Buffrey said: “The world is full of rules and it should be. However, respect should always be a mutual thing, even between teachers and students.”

Karen Shone said: “I think some of the harsh rules are pretty silly. My daughter got a detention for dropping a muffin on the floor- knowing my daughter she would have preferred it in her tummy.”

Heather Wynn said: “My son was excluded from Academy Valley for being two minutes late back from the toilet. Absolutely ridiculous.”

Sue Houghton said: “As someone who runs a small business nearby, we’ve noticed the difference in the children’s behaviour when they visit our shop. Their manners have improved, they look smart and well turned out. From these observations, I’d say the school is doing a good job. Keep it up, make your parents and teachers proud!”