Worksop: Swearing lout slapped with an ASBI after trips to council buildings to abuse staff

A Worksop man has been slapped with an ASBI after repeated visits to the Queen’s Council Buildings where he attempted to verbally abuse and intimidate staff.

David Scott, of NFA, visited the buildings, based on Potter Street, and was ‘verbally abusive’ to security staff and officers of the Bassetlaw Council.

This included making threats of physical violence and using intimidation against a number of members of staff.

The incidents occurred in the communal areas of Queen’s Building in full view of visiting members of the public, during which Scott used ‘foul and abusive language’ in a raised voice.

As a result Bassetlaw Council made an application to the Mansfield County Court for an injunction to prohibit Scott entering Queen’s Buildings and acting in an anti-social manner towards council staff.

The hearing took place at the court on Wednesday, October 14 before District Judge Potts.

Scott did not attend but the Judge was satisfied on the evidence before him that Scott had engaged in anti-social behaviour and made threats to harm staff.

The court granted the injunction to preventing Scott from entering an exclusion zone around Queen’s Buildings and engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Julie Leigh, cabinet member for Neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw Council, said: “All council staff and those connected with the council have the right to go about their work without the threat of violence or having to face a torrent of verbal abuse.

“As a council we will do everything within our power to prevent individuals like Mr Scott behaving in a way that causes unrest or offence.

“We will also protect members of public who wish to access our services,” Coun Leigh added.

The ASBI will prevent Scott from engaging in conduct which is capable of causing a nuisance or annoyance to any person attending the Queen’s Buildings .

This includes acts such shouting, swearing, fighting, violence and threats of violence

It also prevents him from assaulting or threatening to assault council staff, agents or contractors or procuring any third party to do so.

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