Worksop teen fled Manchester terror attack with '˜terrified' girlfriend

A Worksop teenager was among the concert-goers caught up in a terror attack after he took his girlfriend to see her first ever concert in Manchester.

Kelly-Louise Threadgold and Alex Lockwood
Kelly-Louise Threadgold and Alex Lockwood

Alex Lockwood, aged 18, and girlfriend Kelly-Louise Threadgold, 15, from Armthorpe, Doncaster, attended the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester where a suicide bomber killed 22 and left another 59 injured on Monday night.

Kelly-Louise was due to sit her GCSE exams today but has been granted permission by her school to re-sit them.

Her mum, Caroline Threadgold, said she found out about the bomb blast when her daughter called her up as she was fleeing.

“I picked up the phone and it was Kelly screaming down the phone and saying a bomb had gone off,” she told our sister paper the Sheffield Star. “I could heard screaming and crying and commotion all around her as she tried to get out. “It was terrifying and I felt helpless.

“All I wanted was for her and Alex to get out safely and I was worrying that there could have been another explosion.” She said Kelly-Louise was ‘shaken up’ after the terror attack and unable to sit her exams today. “It is unbelievable that this happened and I am just so grateful that Kelly and Alex got out safely but feel so sorry for the parents of those who didn’t survive, added Caroline. “Kelly had never been to a concert before and had been counting down the days to this one. To think that she might never have come home afterward is horrific but some families will be going through that and my heart goes out to them.”