Worksop: Woman on mobility scooter falls down hole in post office on Newcastle Avenue

A Gateford woman on a mobility scooter fell down a hole in a Worksop post office this morning.

Clair Coult, 39, entered the post office on Newcastle Avenue, Worksop, with her two children and personal assistant at around 10.30am.

She had been shopping in town and entered the premises to post her letters.

“I rode over the carpet on my mobility scooter and my front wheel dropped down the hole,” Clair said.

“We pulled back the carpet to find the hole in the floor.”

“I was lucky not to break my scooter.”

“I will never go into that post office again.”

Clair has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) - a collection of inherited conditions that fit into a larger group, known as heritable disorders of connected tissue.

“The people in the shop were surprised. We told them to mind the hole in the floor,” she added.

“I just want to warn people so it doesn’t happen to them.”

“I am alright, but I am concerned someone might get injured.”

Following the claims, the Guardian contacted the post office in the town.

A spokesperson said: “We have now shut one side of the post office and we are dealing with the issue.”