Would you still vote to leave the EU?

Formal proceedings for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union begin today.
Picture by PixabayPicture by Pixabay
Picture by Pixabay

The government will trigger article 50 of the Lisbon treaty which details how a member can voluntarily leave the European Union.

The move comes after 51.89 percent of the population voted to leave, a figure mirrored by the Derbyshire Dales vote of 51.6 percent and just ahead of the High Peak vote of 50.5 percent. In Broxtowe, 54.6 percent of the electorate voted against staying in the European Union.

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Other areas in the East Midlands voting to leave included Chesterfield (60 percent), Amber Valley (60.3 percent), Erewash (61.2 percent), Bassetlaw (67.8), Mansfield (70 percent) and Bolsover (70.8 percent).

Nine months on, do you still think the United Kingdom leave the EU and why? Take part in our online poll....