Yarburgh pair dominate at Revesby Country Fair poultry show

The results of the recent poultry show at Revesby, staged by the East of England Poultry Club, have been published.

Richard and James Bett with their winners.

There were 118 entries with 30 plates of eggs, plus four different breeds of geese.

It was a repeat of the results at Heckington show the previous weekend.

The Betts from Yarborough won all the sections, except the rare breeds.

• Champion: black Pekin bantam shown by Richard Bett, from Yarborough near Louth.

• Reserve Champion: A birchenModern Game bantam, from Richard Bett.

• Best Waterfowl: white call duck from Richard Bett.

• Best Large Fowl: Gold Brahma from Richard Bett.

• Best Bantam: Gold Brahma bantam from Richard Bett.

• Best Juvenile: James Bett with a white call duck.

• Juvenile Reserve: James Bett with a Gold Brahma bantam.

• Best Rare Breed: Sandie Hildreth with a white Sultan male.

• Best Eggs: Sandie Hildreth with a painted egg.

• Best Juvenile egg: Jennifer Dixon, from Stixwold, with a decorated egg.