Young dad told to ‘grow up’

A YOUNG dad who damaged property at the Clowne homes of his mother and girlfriend has been told to ‘grow up’ by magistrates.

Angry Romeo Nhlabathi kicked and damaged the legs of a pool table before throwing a biscuit jar through a window and punching and breaking a mirror.

The offence took place at Katie Reast’s address on 24th June - 16 days after he damaged a computer and television belonging to his mother, Thandi Fombason.

Steve Brint, for Nhlabathi, said he went to his mother’s home after drinking and he became upset because some of his property had been moved around the house.

He was intending to move to the home of Ms Reast, his girlfriend, and the belongings had been put ready for him to collect.

“There was an argument and he took out his frustration on objects within the house,” said Mr Brint.

Mr Brint added: “He won’t do this again because it has taught him a lesson. He has apologised to his mother.”

Nhlabathi, 20, of Clowne Road, Barlborough, admitted two charges of criminal damage. The justices said he had a ‘childish approach to life’. He had hurt the people who cared most about him by trashing their property and he needed to grow up.

They imposed 120 hours unpaid work and a one-year probation supervision order, with £500 compensation to Ms Reast and £85 costs. Mr Brint said Nhlabathi, unemployed, and his girlfriend would be reconciling.