YOUR VIEW: Vote UKIP to keep alive democracy

I must express my concern at the prospect of a Conservative landslide victory at the forthcoming General Election killing off democracy as we know it in this country.
Reader's letterReader's letter
Reader's letter

The people of Boston and Skegness and South Holland and the Deepings returned the UK’s two highest ‘Leave’ results in the Referendum last year, primarily to take back control of our borders and be in charge of our own destiny.

With the prospect of a large number of new back-benchers likely to have voted to remain in the European Union, there is every likelihood that the Prime Minister, herself a ‘remainer’, will have her negotiating hand strengthened for a soft Brexit.

Together with a weak Opposition and the other Westminster parties wanting to stay in the EU, who will be representing the views of the electorate who want a proper Brexit, including reduced immigration and an end to the freedom of movement of EU citizens?

The only non-pro EU party is UKIP and, whilst many of its policies have been adopted by the Conservatives, it is not job done.

We have not yet left the European Union, indeed the process has barely begun, and it is only UKIP that can hold Theresa May’s feet to the fire in her negotiations in Brussels. To everyone who voted to leave the EU last June there has never been a more important time in British politics than now to vote UKIP on June 8 to ensure a proper Brexit and to keep democracy alive.