1 in 5 people admit to logging into their ex-partner's social media accounts

You may want to consider changing your passwords, after a Google survey has found that one in five people in the UK have secretly accessed their ex-lovers social media accounts.

Google surveyed 1,000 people about their online habits in celebration of Safer Internet Week. More than 17 per cent of respondents frequently logged into their ex's social media accounts to keep tabs on them.

How does your ex get your password?

It's a bit chicken and egg. When you look at the results more you see that 36 per cent of people are happy to give their partner their social media passwords after just one year of dating.

That shows a great level of honesty and trust, but also explains how the 17 per cent will check you out after you're dumped.

The research also revealed that 59 per cent used the same password across several social media sites and websites.

How can I stay safe?

The internet can be a dangerous place. With tech giants amassing more and more of our personal data, hackers being able to steal that data, and ex partners spying on you, it can feel like a lot to ensure your online privacy.

The best way to stay safe is to update your password. Google often generates a complicated (and therefore secure) password for you whenever you sign up to a new site - just remember to write it down somewhere.

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