10 funny gift ideas for your office Secret Santa exchange

The office Secret Santa: hated, adored, but never ignored.

The office Secret Santa: hated, adored, but never ignored.

And time is running out for colleagues to find a cheap, yet fun present to surprise their workmate with.

If you’ve drawn a friend, the chances are you’ll have a good idea of what to buy them. If however you have drawn a workplace stranger only encountered on trips to the watercooler, or vending machine, then you’re going to need to draw inspiration from elsewhere.

We’re here to help with some universally popular gifts for around a tenner.

What is the best Secret Santa generator?

First, make sure you draw names in a fair and secretive manner with a secret santa generator.

DrawNames has an easy-to-use feature for those organising the gift giving ceremony.

Scratch map

If you share a workspace with a colleague always daydreaming of their next adventure abroad then this is the perfect bargain gift for them.

Once tacked to the wall, an owner scratches away each country they’ve visited and eye up their next destination.

Table tennis set

You might not work for Google or Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your office into a slice of Silicon Valley with this table tennis kit.

Gift this to your colleague and you will infinitely improve their next brainstorm session.

Shaving apron

Keeping face fuzz in check can be a messy task – but this shaving apron can save minutes of cleaning time and prevent telling offs from loved ones.

Give your bearded or moustachioed co-worker this piece of selfcare equipment that they never knew they needed should you draw them in the secret santa.

Personalised candle

Sure, a candle is a safe bet in the office secret santa, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be appreciated.

Add a personal touch with the first letter of the recipient’s name.

Personalised Prosecco stopper

The self-confessed Prosecco lover can drink in style with this personalised, stainless steel bottle stopper.

Simply add a name or a cheeky message under 40 characters and guarantee a warm reception on office party night.

Mini Henry the Hoover

Do your messy co-worker a favour with this pint-sized Henry the Hoover.

The original Henry Desk Vacuum comes with a regular vacuum head and a crevice tool to ensure no crumbs remain behind.

Graphic face mask

The pandemic means that all of us will all still be sporting a face mask beyond Christmas time.

There’s no need for a face mask to be mono-toned and boring though – brighten up a colleagues day with one of these eye-catching accessories.

Personalised Marmite jar

The technical wonders of the 21st century means that it is now possible to personalise your own Marmite jar.

Just make sure you only buy this personalised gift for a certified lover of the spread.

An unkillable plant

Every office has one – an inadvertent serial plant killer.

Buy them a low-maintenance, green friend from the team at Patch who vouch for the hardiness of their collection of ‘unkillable’ plants.

A self-stirring mug

Make your co-workers day that little bit easier with a self-stirring mug.

Simply push the thumb-friendly button and watch your tea or coffee stir itself.