A mum has criticised Disney after her daughter heard swearing in a kid's film

by Nick Frame

The 4 year old said she heard the swear word in the 2019 film, Lady and the Tramp (Photo: Shutterstock)
The 4 year old said she heard the swear word in the 2019 film, Lady and the Tramp (Photo: Shutterstock)

by Nick Frame

A mother has labelled Disney an "absolute disgrace" after the company denied that one of its characters can be heard saying the F-word in a children's movie.

Emma Reed from Pontefract in Yorkshire said she was left stunned when her four year old daughter, Ava, began repeating the swear word after watching the Disney+ channel.

When Emma asked where Ava had learned the word, her daughter told her it was said in the 2019 family film, Lady and the Tramp. The mother then watched the film herself, only to be shocked by what she heard.

'I was shocked'

Emma, 31, said: "Ava came into the kitchen and blurted it out, so I asked where she got it from.

"She told me it was what Lady had said it in Lady and Tramp and I told her she would never say that.

"She got quite upset, so I watched the film and at 36 minutes I heard it. I was just shocked."

"My first reaction was to ring Disney, but got no joy really," she continued.

"They rang me back a couple of days later and said they couldn't hear it, and couldn't see how a four year old could pick that up from there, but it's obvious.

"I've been trying to drill it into her that it's a bad word, but they see it like a game if they are not allowed to say something."

'The title does not include any profanities' says Disney

Disney has since told JPIMedia that the character says: "Oh, okay".

A Disney spokesperson said: “The title does not include any profanities and any claims to the contrary are simply untrue.”

Emma, who also has an eight year old daughter, Mia, said: "It's absolutely disgraceful from Disney.

"I think it should be edited. If my child can pick it up then I'm sure others can.

"It's taken the magic out of Disney, especially for my eight year old. It can no longer be seen as innocent or child friendly."

A version of this article originally appeared on the Wakefield Express