BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood was hospitalised after being knocked off her bike by a car

The weather presenter thanked everyone for their well wishes (Photo: Getty Images)

BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood has revealed that she was taken to hospital after being knocked off her bike by a car.

Kirkwood posted on social media that she had been “injured” and taken to hospital after fans noticed her absence on the Breakfast show.

The 57 year old has thanked the emergency services and hospital staff who came to her aid following the accident.

Writing on Twitter, she said, “Been off following an accident. Got knocked off my bike by a car and got injured.

“Biggest thanks ever to the police (Chris and Faye), the ambulance crew (Miranda and Stewart) who tended to me and took me to hospital. And especially Peter Foskett-Tharby at Wexham Park Hospital.”

‘A pure accident’

Kirkwood made her return to BBC Breakfast on Tuesday 19 May, and explained to viewers what happened. She thanked everyone for their well wishes.

“I was out on my bike and got knocked off it by a car that drove into me”, the presenter said.

“A pure accident, of course, but I got injured. And this is a great opportunity to say thank you to three cyclists that helped me immediately after the incident and also the police.

“Thames Valley police - that was Chris and also Faye - and the ambulance who tended to me and then took me to hospital - and that was Miranda and Stewart."

Kirkwood then spoke highly of her “genius” doctor who tended to her at hospital, stating, “I can’t thank you enough”.

Fans were pleased to see her return on the programme on Tuesday morning, having been a familiar face on the BBC since 1998, when she joined as a weather presenter.

Kirkwood has since appeared regularly across all of BBC Weather's output, on both television and radio.