Bizarre footage shows three escaped horses galloping through heavy traffic in central London

‘It was the last thing I expected on a Monday morning’

A mum on the school run was shocked to see three spooked horses galloping through heavy traffic in central London.

Farah Ali, 46, was dropping her 11-year-old daughter to school when the trio raced past her car near Kensington on Monday (October 10).

Footage of the mishap shows three black chargers look confused as they trot down the main road.

She added that the frightened animals were weaving between the morning traffic, travelling up and down the road.

Screen grabs showing the bizarre moment three horses galloped through traffic - in the middle of London.

Farah, from north-west London, said: "I was just doing the school run and suddenly they appeared out of nowhere.

"They looked lost and were trotting up and down the road, not knowing where to turn.

"The traffic was at a standstill, and they were passing all the static cars - it was the last thing I expected to see on a Monday morning.

"I hope they were reunited with their owner as quickly as possible.”

It is understood that the horses were part of the Household Cavalry and had bolted from Hyde Park.