Christmas Ducks are the Latest Gift Trend for 2021

Make this Christmas a quacker with DCUK's festive range!

Make this Christmas a quacker with DCUK's festive range!

From Dinky Ducks to show-stopping penguins, DCUK is ready to make families smile this Christmas.The hand-carved festive collections sell out each year. One of the most popular gift products is ready to bring Christmas to life again!

There are two different sizes to choose from. Ducklings and Dinky Ducks, plus our Christmas Tree Duck Decorations. The feathered friends are starting to fill stockings across the country.

Traditional Christmas Ducks

This is a modern piece of classic Christmas decor in any home. Rudolph the red-beaked duckling is ready to take flight again.

The Traditional Christmas Ducks (photo: DCUK)

Santa is dashing this year with a gold-trimmed robe- whilst there is a newcomer at the reins. Father Christmas has an eager assistant called Nigel. He is up and rearing to go! The whole team is decked out in stars. They are ready for the most wonderful night of the year.

Traditional Christmas Birds and Ducky Elves

They are making merry mischief all Christmas long. The twin Ducky Elves and Christmas Birds delight in taking care of the festive games. It is frosty on the feeders. However, the snuggest of hats will keep them warm.

The Traditional Christmas Birds (photo: DCUK)

Three Kings

The lavishly-dressed trio of Duckling Kings follow the stars. Carefully grafted and painted, the Three Kings wear crowns in the colours of their gifts. This is gold, frankincense and myrrh. They hope this will bring prosperity and joy to everyone at Christmas time.

The Three Kings hope to bring joy this Christmas (photo: DCUK)

Stargazing Ducks

Join the star-gazing ducks in the experience of a night-time. With lights off and mugs of hot chocolate, they gaze at the canopy of space and patterns designed by the stars.

Gaze at the stars with the ducks! (photo: DCUK)

The longer they look, the more they discover. Aquila the eagle, Columba the dove, but none quite as special as the ducklings they love.

Stargazing Penguins

The long, dark December nights are a stargazer's dream come true. Whilst most of the huddle is tucked up, the Stargazing Penguins will be camped out on the frostiest nights.

The Stargazing Penguins camp out on frosty nights! (photo: DCUK)

Alphine Ducks

Home is where the heart is for Christmas. But for the glamorous Alphine Ducks, the slopes are where the fun is.

Join in the festive fun with Alphine Ducks! (photo: DCUK)

Families can enjoy a touch of apres-ski sparkle at the end of each day. This year, the Alphine Ducks are joined by Alphine Dinky Ducks and Decorations.

Emperor Penguins

In the darkest place on earth, the stars shine most brightly. Also, the skies dance in radiant colours.

The Emperor Penguins (photo: DCUK)