Cost of living: Martin Lewis reveals best time to use appliances to save money and avoid blackouts this winter

Can you save money by using high energy appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers at certain times of the day?

The soaring costs of energy have left many of us reluctant to even turn the washing machine on - but can you save money by using ‘high energy’ appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, at certain times of the day or night?

Money saving champion Martin Lewis took to Twitter to shed some light on the situation.

According to the founder of Money Saving Expert, you can use high energy appliances at any time and there will be ‘no difference’ in the price you pay.

When is the best time to use washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers to save money?

The only exception to the rule is if you’re on a ‘time of use’ tariff, a plan by some suppliers that encourages customers to use electricity at times when it’s available more cheaply.

If you are on a ‘time of use’ tariff, it’s cheaper to use appliances at night.

Mr Lewis tweeted: “Most don’t have time-of-use tariffs, so there’s no price difference (if u do, night’s cheaper).”

If you’re looking to help the nation avoid blackouts this winter, which have been deemed ‘unlikely’ but still a possibility due to a squeeze on energy supplies, peak use for high energy appliances is from 4pm - 9pm.

Therefore, it’s best to avoid using high energy appliances during these hours from time to time if you can.

Mr Lewis tweeted: “Peak use is c4pm-9pm so for UK’s energy security not then is better -If uv solar panels use appliances in daylight hrs.”

Meanwhile, a £400 government grant to help households pay their energy bills is beginning to filter through.

Every UK household is set to get cash boost, to be paid towards their electricity bills in instalments of £66, between October 2022 and March 2023.

Depending on your provider, the money will either be paid into your bank account or reduce your direct debit each month.