David Lloyd Clubs is making its gym app free for everyone - with 600 fitness classes available

How have you been keeping fit during lockdown? (Photo: Shutterstock)How have you been keeping fit during lockdown? (Photo: Shutterstock)
How have you been keeping fit during lockdown? (Photo: Shutterstock)

With lockdown restrictions forcing gyms to remain closed, David Lloyd Clubs is now making its app free for everyone to use for the first time.

Through the app, users will have access to more than 600 fitness classes and wellness sessions which were previously only available exclusively to its members.

Live and on demand content

The David Lloyd Clubs @home App is now available to all free of charge and provides users with access to some 600 classes, with new live and on demand content available every day.

Classes range from yoga and pilates, to high intensity interval training (HIIT), post-natal workouts and mobility sessions for runners, all delivered by the David Lloyd Clubs expert team.

Users can also take part in a series of challenges across different genres to progress and challenge themselves, as well as exclusive signature classes and wellness sessions.

Those who are keen runners can make use of the DL Run Club, which welcomes runners of all abilities, and the David Lloyd Mile, which provides a friendly online community for families to share their daily outdoor exercise, while youngsters have the opportunity to win certificates for the miles they’ve clocked up.

The app also features content for older people who have struggled to leave the house to exercise during lockdown, with a range of specially tailored fitness workouts and wellness content to help get them moving.

Social support

On top of the fitness aspect, the app also provides access to a virtual community which aims to support users who may be struggling alone, or those looking for an escape from home working.

Users can take part in virtual coffee mornings, hosted by social enterprise coffee traders Change Please, along with quiz and disco nights, book clubs, kids clubs and live interactive workshops.

There is also a dedicated wellness section, which includes meditation sessions, mindfulness programmes, and beauty and hair tutorials.

As for kids, a series of skills videos have been created which focus Agility Balance and Coordination (ABCs). These skills are the basis of all movement and physical activity, and the windows of opportunity when children can develop the ABC’s more easily and quickly is typically between the age of five to 11.

The fun 10 minute sessions make use of balloons, tennis balls, a racket and a bucket, and comes in addition to more family focussed content including a daily story time session and cookery classes.

Glenn Earlam, CEO of David Lloyd Club, said: “Exercise not only boosts physical health, but also has a huge impact on mental health. I genuinely hope we can encourage everyone to take a look and find something to help them.

“You don’t need to be a regular exerciser or feel confident in the weights room, there’s plenty of sessions that need no equipment and can be done in the house. But it's far more than just fitness – we have meditation, mental wellbeing advice, hair and makeup tutorials, kids clubs and even quizzes and coffee mornings, so our @home App really is like a virtual David Lloyd Club experience in your own living room.”

The app is available to download on Apple and Android devices by searching for David Lloyd Clubs.