Disney+ already has nearly 29 million subscribers - here's what you need to know

After officially launching in November last year, Disney+ reports that it has attracted more than 28.6 million subscribers in less that three months.

The Wall Street Journal predicted that Disney+ would only garner 25 million subscribers in the US, but it seems the platform has surpassed expectation and may become a fast competitor to the on-demand giant Netflix.

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Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, called the launch "enormously successful".

Netflix boats nearly 160 million subscribers but is based in 190 countries across the world.

Disney+ is only available in five countries including the US and Canada. The streaming service will be arriving in the UK and Europe from March, with plans to expand to India shortly after.

The streaming service has already revealed trailers and teasers for new shows to be launched upon arrival to the UK including Muppets Now and season two of The Mandalorian.

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Disney+ will cost £5.99, the same price as Netflix's cheapest subscription, but allows viewers access to classic Disney titles as well as upcoming new series and movies from their Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars franchises.

Viewers can also purchase an annual subscription at a cheaper price of £59.99.

It was announced this week that Disney+ is launching in the UK on 24 March, a week earlier than planned.

Disney's news of higher than expected subscription rates comes as Netflix's dominance of the market is dwindling in the US .

However, the streaming giant is still holding strong elsewhere in the world.