Eight tell-tale signs they could be about to propose

Millions of people will be hoping that 2022 is their year and that their loved one is planning to propose to them.

The ethical jewellery experts at Ingle & Rhode have come up with eight great top tips to help you determine whether or not a proposal could be heading your way.

While traditionally the summer and December are seen as the most popular times for someone to go down on one knee in front of their loved one - proposals can come at any time - and these tips could help prepare you!

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    A spokesman for Ingle & Rhode said: “2022 could be a special year for so many people - particularly if their loved one is planning to pop the question.


    Over the last year during the pandemic, we noticed huge interest for our engagement rings so it will be interesting to see if this trend continues into the new year.”

    Here are some of the key signs from Ingle & Rhode telling you your partner could be preparing to propose:

    1. Trip treat

    This could be a top giveaway if your partner books a romantic trip or experience out of nowhere.


    A surprise holiday could be a giveaway for a plan to propose (photo: shutterstock)

    2. Camera ready

    Has your partner booked you an appointment to get your nails done or tells you to get your nails done (a sign that they know you will want to be taking pictures of your hands (aka ring!) soon.

    3. Gem of a clue


    Examine your jewellery box to see if it has been rummaged through by someone keen to find out what your favourite gems are, or simply seeking inspiration.

    Are they looking for ideas of the perfect ring in your jewellery box? (photo: Ingle&Rhode)

    4. Family networking

    Do they seem to be talking to your friends / family members in private (could be looking for help with planning or filling them in on the proposal plans).


    5. Timing is key

    Keep your senses peeled for any strange or unusual activity around key engagement dates such as Valentine's Day or Christmas Day - or even your birthday.

    They may be looking for the right moment to pop the big question (photo: Pexels)

    6. Celeb role models


    Does your loved one ask you for your opinion on how celebrities and people in the public eye have proposed? May be they have taken a keen interest in proposals on Youtube and the wider internet?

    7. Friends trends

     Are they talking to your close friends more than normal? Have they been asking your friends about things you like and don’t like as they plan a magical proposal?

    8. Dress to impress


    Is your significant other looking to dress for a specific occasion? Are they looking for something that stands out but has big pockets with no holes in? Big enough to store an engagement ring box?!