First Dates is searching for singles to go on TV in 2020 - here's how you can apply

Single and looking for love? The First Dates Restaurant and First Dates Hotel are throwing open their doors once again to Brits on the search for that special someone.

Popular Channel 4 series, First Dates, has now been running for 13 seasons, with First Dates Hotel a later, separate addition to the original show. With 2020 firmly underway, producers are now looking for new singletons to star on the shows later this year.

How does the format work?

Both reality programmes pair up singles for a blind date, with cameras filming all the highs and lows of the evening. First Dates invites singletons to the London-based First Dates restaurant, while First Dates Hotel sees guests stay overnight for their dates in a more exotic location.

Applicants specify various criteria for their perfect partner, and producers try to match dates based on this basis - though things don't always go to plan.

Over the years, First Dates has seen some seriously awkward moments caught on camera, from food spillages to dates giving up halfway through the evening.

However, the show has also seen a number of success stories, with marriage proposals and even a First Dates baby born after a couple met through the show.

How to apply

To apply as a contestant, the only requirements are that you are over the age of 18, and of course, single.

You'll have to fill in a fairly lengthy application form which will ask you to provide links to your social media alongside some photographs, measurements and personal information - like what qualities you look for in an ideal partner.

If your application is successful, you'll be contacted by producers and likely undergo a phone interview before any in-person meetings.

It's possible that you may be invited to take part in a "background date", meaning your date won't be focused on in the final episode, thought you may be caught on camera in the background.

If you make it all the way to the restaurant, you'll be met by the charming Maître d Fred Sirieix alongside the host of well-known waiters and waitresses who feature on the show each week. Hopefully, you'll come away with more than just a full stomach.

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