First News: Was COP26 a success?

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First News is a 28-page weekly newspaper for young people delivered into homes across the UK every Friday. Find out more and try for free at


After two weeks of discussions, the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow has come to an end, with opinion divided over whether it was a success.

Tuvalu’s foreign minister, Simon Kofe, delivered his COP26 speech knee deep in seawater to highlight how his island nation is being affected by climate change

On the positive side, huge progress was made in getting countries to agree on cutting emissions and reducing use of fossil fuels. Although many scientists and campaigners have said the reductions don’t go far enough, it’s hoped that progress will speed up and countries will agree to further cuts next year.

Alok Sharma MP, the COP26 President, said: “China and India will have to explain themselves and what they did to the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world,” after the two countries insisted that the world should “phase down” rather than “phase out” the use of coal.

“Glasgow is the start line and not the finish,” said Tanya Steele, UK head of WWF. “The UK presidency must continue to ensure that every climate promise is kept.”


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By Molly

My name is Molly and I live at the Cotswold Wildlife Park with my dad, mum and brother Henry.

My dad looks after all the animals but his special friends are the rhinos. I enjoy helping my dad at work and help to feed and pick up the poo of the different animals.

Henry and Molly meet baby Molly

The animals I enjoy helping with the most are the rhinos, who have really big poo, which is super smelly!

We have a daddy rhino called Monty and mummy rhinos called Nancy and Ruby. They have had lots of babies and Ruby has just had a baby girl.

My dad named the baby rhino after me because I am such a good helper and look after the rhinos so well. I like visiting baby Molly and enjoy stroking her through the bars when I come to see her.

She likes it when I stroke her under her chin and this makes her sit down. When I grow up I want to be a vet nurse so I can help look after all of the animals, but especially the rhinos.



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Doug the potato (photo by Donna Craig-Brown)


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