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On episode three of series two of the Pioneering People podcast, Morven McIntyre speaks to entrepreneur Nick Cousins, the founder and CEO of Exizent, the UK’s first bereavement platform.

The ethos of the business is to make administering an estate much easier by making it more cost effective and quicker.

The idea came to Nick through personal experience: “Just all the pain and hassle that is brought upon people trying to deal with the administration of death. I thought that looks like something we could maybe make a bit of a difference to.

“It felt like an area at the time that the 21st century hadn’t really reached in terms of data access and some of the digitisation of things that are more prevalent elsewhere. It was an opportunity to bring some platform technology to bear in this market.”

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On the podcast Nick talks about why he took a service design approach to his business which meant designing it from a consumer perspective.

However, he realises the ambition of his idea admitting that “it's going to require the whole industry to get onside with what we are doing to really bring the scale benefits that we want.”

Finally, he adds: “The ability to make change happen and the ability to disrupt existing businesses models through technology is kind of cool and that kind of environment to go and work in is challenging.”

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