Lego could be releasing a retro Nintendo games console set - here’s what it will look like

(Photo: VJGamer/LEGO/Nintendo)(Photo: VJGamer/LEGO/Nintendo)
(Photo: VJGamer/LEGO/Nintendo)

Two beloved childhood staples for people of a certain generation look to be coming together into a product that is sure to spark intense feelings of yearning for the good old days.

Plastic building block specialists Lego and Japanese gaming legends Nintendo are already preparing to release a line of Super Mario themed sets that see you navigate a studded version of the portly plumber over and around obstacles you have built yourself.

But the two toy giants now appear to be teasing a brand new set - an accurate replica of Nintendo's iconic NES games console, rendered entirely in Lego bricks.

What does the new Lego set look like?

(Photo: VJGamer/LEGO/Nintendo)(Photo: VJGamer/LEGO/Nintendo)
(Photo: VJGamer/LEGO/Nintendo)

The set itself is yet to be officially confirmed by either company.

But a teaser posted by Lego was quickly doctored by fans who revealed that by boosting the image's brightness, the unannounced set could be clearly seen.

Now, Chinese website VJGamer is claiming to have official promotional images in its possession, which reveal a brick-built replica of the console, an ‘80s-style television, a controller, and even a cartridge copy of Super Mario Bros - all realised through plastic blocks, of course.

What special features does it have?

Unfortunately, the set won’t make for a working games console, though it does reportedly total 2,646 pieces and includes a crank on the side of the TV that makes the 'image' of Mario move and jump on its screen.

Using the version of Mario that comes bundled with Lego's Mario Starter Course set, you can also unlock additional functions including Super Mario's iconic theme music.

You do this by placing the figure on top of the television, according to German website

How much will it cost?

(Photo: VJGamer/LEGO/Nintendo)(Photo: VJGamer/LEGO/Nintendo)
(Photo: VJGamer/LEGO/Nintendo)

That website also reports the set is expected to retail for €230 when it's released on 1 August. That works out to around £206.

What was the NES?

The Nintendo Entertainment System was Nintendo's first home games console released outside of its native Japan.

The machine was launched in the US in 1985 (it arrived in UK shops a year later), and revitalised the video game industry of the time.

It provided a platform on which gamers could experience timeless classics like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid, and was one of the best-selling gaming consoles of its time.

Both the console itself and its software set the standard for video games for years to come, an influence which is still felt today.

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